“I’ve been attending a weekly class with Olive for over a year and I can’t believe the difference it’s made on my body and my mind! Obviously my flexibility has improved dramatically but my sporting and gym performance has improved, and I’ve also been able to shorten my recovery times. What I perhaps underestimated was the impact yoga would have on my mental wellbeing too. If I miss a class, the difference on my mood is telling! Olive is an awesome teacher and having never done yoga before and despite being a total beginner, she made me feel completely at ease!”



 “I’ve been going to Olive’s yoga classes for nearly a year, and every class is different and fun, while still being structured. She creates a welcoming and motivating environment. I’ve learned so much in her classes, and her enthusiasm and creativity has given me the confidence to try new things and to develop a more substantial home practice. I look forward to each and every class with Olive. Thanks for being the best yoga teacher!” 



 “I have been practicing yoga for more than 7 years in studios around Spain, London and now in Brighton and Olive is one of my favourite yoga teachers! When I first went to a class with Olive, I realised that yoga is not only a way of keeping your mind and body balanced, but also a way of accepting how we are. Her classes are challenging, yet uplifting and friendly. Flows are fun and she uses creative cues to help bring students into a deeper sense of body awareness. Her contagious enthusiasm for her practice makes you leave with a big smile on your face. Olive has a great spirit of vigour and energy – thank you Olive, you are amazing x.” 



 “I’ve been coming to Olive’s classes for over a year. From class one I felt super at ease with her fun, chilled but challenging approach. No class is the same and I love the fluidity between postures. After every class I feel super relaxed and happy with my achievements.”



 “Have you ever felt completely calm, clear and composed? Imagine a clear, relaxing summer’s day, on the beach, on the grass. This is when and how I first found Yoga with Olive. Since then I have been to quite a few classes. Her style of teaching is the best I have found. Her calm flow and clear teaching method has relaxed me into states I have never felt before. If you haven’t been to Yoga with Olive, I highly recommend that you go.”



 “I love Olives classes! She has allowed me to take my practice forward in a way I didn’t think possible (inversions!). Her intuitive methods of teaching allowed me to explore postures in a safe secure manner. She embodies the joy of yoga and this joy remains long after the class is over.”