During my classes expect to find asanas (postures) from traditional Ashtanga Yoga mixed together with the creative side of a Vinyasa sequence. There is also a strong focus on breathwork, which goes hand in hand with our movement practice. As well as this, different mobility techniques and Animal Flow movements will be introduced in order to build a foundation of strength on top of the flexibility that yoga can bring to the body.

This helps to create stronger joints and muscles as well as improve the longevity of your practice. Expect some laughs, chilled out tunes to groove and wiggle to and a savasana complete with essential oils and a massage!

All of my classes are open to all levels of experience.


No upcoming events.


Through out the week I am also available to teach private classes (1-2-1s or small groups) either in the comfort of your own home, or mine. 

All classes are tailored to what you want to work on - anything from handstands to breathwork! For more information and inquires, click the button below.