In-Depth Hand-balance and Inversion Workshops

Hey everyone!

For a while now, Sam (@samveept) and I (@yogawitholive) have been meaning to host a hand-balance and inversion workshop and we’ve finalised two dates where we’ll be bringing one to Brighton and one to Worthing! 

So what are hand-balances and inversions? Hand-balances are in essence movements where your entire body weight rests in your hands, so think handstands, crow pose or planche. Inversions are postures where your heart goes above your head, from very basic inversions like downward dog to more complex ones like forearm stand.


During our two and a half hour workshops, we will be covering the process, strength, mobility and practice behind some of these hand-balances and inversions. Mainly looking at crow pose (and other progressions), forearm stand and handstands. Handstands in particular, as they are a juicy mixture of both a hand-balance and inversion. Plus who doesn’t want to be able to do one?!

We decided to host this workshop together as we have different experiences with these kinds of movements. I will be sharing my knowledge from a Yoga background and Sam will provide his from a Body Weight Movement and Personal Training background. We both have a strong and consistent practice with hand-balances and inversions and therefore hope to influence you by sharing our personal experiences. Ultimately we aim to equip you with the the right tools on this journey towards your hand-balances and inversions to hopefully enjoy the lifelong ride!


The dates are…

Saturday 20th July 2 – 4:30pm at About Balance, Brighton (SOLD OUT)

Saturday 27th July 2 – 4:30pm at Salt Water Studios, Worthing (SOLD OUT)

If you would like to join the waitlist, email me at