Warrior Yoga

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been talking about this incredible network called Warrior Yoga. I’ve posted about them on my Instagram and Facebook, and also made a video on IGTV talking about the movement in more depth. I wanted to write a blog providing more information about what Warrior Yoga is and how I come into their picture.


Warrior Yoga was founded by Ida Farneman and Cassie Connor. The two girls met during their 200hour YTTC at Kranti Yoga in October 2017 where they shared a mutual dream of making yoga accessible for all. They both have first hand experience with the healing benefits of yoga and how it can promote positive growth. Therefore “Warrior Yoga is born out of the understanding that all people can heal from yoga, but not all people have the means to effectively access the teachings of yoga”.

So what does this mean? The three overarching principles of Warrior Yoga are: Healing, Empowerment and Accessibility. These foundations mean that Warrior Yoga students are provided with access to yoga classes, for free, which are either private or small group based. The reason why they are free is because Warrior Yoga believes all people should have access to this practice and sometimes individuals don’t have the financial means to attend a class at a studio or pay for a gym membership. It might even be the case that there aren’t classes easily available to the individual or they don’t feel comfortable in that environment. Regardless, during these classes, the Warrior Yoga teacher is able to tailor the practice to suit the needs of the student(s), in order to facilitate their journey towards healing and empowerment. Therefore, classes can be a mixture of yogic practices such as ashtanga to yin asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation or even sharing some knowledge about the wider aspects of yoga.

At present, some Warrior Yoga students are refugees, sexual abuse survivors, survivors of human trafficking, people dealing with chronic pain and other physical limitations, people with brain injuries, and more. These students have all aligned with the notion that the teachings and practice of yoga can nourish our bodies, calm our minds and help to heal us whilst also feeling empowered. The founders believe that “once we have healed and benefited from yoga, it is our responsibility to extend that healing to another” which I couldn’t agree with more. Yoga creates a sense of community, and providing access to those who need it is something I believe in wholeheartedly.


Building on this, it gives me an amazing sense of gratitude to say that I’m now a part of this network as a Warrior Yoga teacher – operating out of Brighton and surrounding Sussex areas in the UK. I’m incredibly happy to have become a part of the Warrior Yoga family alongside some other wonderful teachers across the globe (in Canada, Sweden and other parts of England so far!). Having experienced the profound healing benefits of yoga on a personal level, I’m extremely passionate about providing others with the same opportunity. I already have one wonderful student, who I’ve been working with for a month now, and I’m so proud of how far she has already come on her Warrior Yoga journey.

It is very important to keep in mind that despite offering a healing and safe space for our Warrior Yoga students, we are just yoga teachers. Despite some of us having backgrounds in psychology, mental health experiences, therapy etc, we hold these classes as yoga teachers. Therefore we cannot provide professional advice about treatments or therapies that a trained professional like a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist could suggest or even offer. It’s important to make this distinction in order for students to realise that the Warrior Yoga classes are there to be used alongside existing treatments (if there are any), but want to use their yoga practice to facilitate the healing process from more holistic approach.


If you know anyone who you think would benefit from Warrior Yoga classes (private or group based), or think you would, please get in touch with me via email – oliviaannwalton@hotmail.com – and we can take it from there!

You can find out more about Warrior Yoga on: https://www.warrioryoga.network/