The fourth week at Kranti Yoga

My time at Kranti Yoga has sadly come to an end, but it also means that I’m now qualified as a 200RYT in Ashtanga Vinyasa!

I couldn’t be more proud of myself and the inspiring group of people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past month. It was intense, it was bloody hard work and every one of us had days where we struggled (mentally, emotionally, physically). In spite of this, all of us constantly strived to expand our knowledge and develop our practice. The amount of support we offered to one another was unquestionably generous. It truly was such a pleasure to be around such like-minded individuals and I already miss them. I know in my heart that we will meet again in the future because the bonds that we formed developed with such familiarity and under positive circumstances.

Having arrived back in England this morning, every now and then I catch myself remembering a snippet from the past month. It produces such a warm feeling in my heart, but I am also trying to stay present as much as possible. However it is hard to do so when the past month has had such a profound impact upon my life.


The last week flew by, to say the least, but it was filled with beautiful memories that I will forever treasure. On Wednesday we had a sunrise practice at a reservoir which was surreal. We did our Mysore practice and started off in relative darkness – the only light coming from the moon which was casting a reflection on the water. As we got further into the primary series, everything started to get brighter until finally the sun started to rise from behind the mountains. It was the most wonderful practice I have ever had, and there was something so magical about how our surroundings transformed. It was almost like as the sun started to rise, our bodies got warmer and the heat inside us built up – nature reflected the internal sensations.

For our final class at Kranti, our teacher led us through a chakra meditation. We were in partners and sat facing one another. As we closed our eyes, we had to visualise that  particular chakra and what it meant to us. When we then opened our eyes and held our partner’s gaze, we expressed the words relating to the chakra with our eyes. The idea was that our partner was a mirror of ourselves, so whatever word we expressed to them, was how we saw ourselves. It was an incredibly emotional and personal experience. As we reached the throat chakra, a wave of emotions hit me like a tonnes of bricks and the tears poured from my eyes. It was beautifully healing experience and I felt such a profound sense of weightlessness once the meditation came to an end.

The fire ceremony – which happened at the start of the course – brought us all together for one last time. This time there was such a profound difference in the closeness I felt towards everyone. We were no longer strangers to one another, but instead individuals grown close as this journey progressed. It was such a wonderful transformation! After finishing the ceremony we got our certificates from Kranti before heading down to the beach for the celebrations. Everyone was in such high spirits and full of this beautifully positive energy! It was such an idyllic way to draw a close on our time together.


This month has been incredibly empowering and full of love. I didn’t know what to expect as I came to Kranti, but my expectations have certainly been exceeded. I have made such powerful connections with individuals from around the world, delved into the journey of self discovery and rekindled my love for yoga. I will forever hold this experience close to my heart and I cannot help but express my gratitude to everyone who helped make this journey both possible and into what it was. I’m excited to see the way in which my yoga journey transforms as I continue to learn and share my knowledge with others.