The third week at Kranti Yoga

Time is moving so quickly at the moment – it’s already the end of week three – and I’m trying not to look towards the end of the course but instead be completely absorbed in the present moment.

It has been such an exciting and hard working week here at Kranti, for all of us. We started doing our own Mysore practice in the morning sessions (guiding ourselves through the primary series, working and moving with our own breath) and it has been such a wonderfully internal experience. I’ve been enjoying Mysore so much and it’s great to see everyone’s progression over the past few weeks. As well as this, I’ve started to become more familiar with the primary series sequences and transitions, that my practice has started to flow with ease. I’m looking forward to really working on the primary series over the foreseeable future and seeing the improvements over time.

This week we have also had two exams – the first on Anatomy and Alignment and the second was our practical exam where we had to teach a 60 minute Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow class to some of our peers and one of the teachers. Both of them went really well and it was amazing to see how much knowledge we have all absorbed over the past couple of weeks! After this afternoon’s practical exam, my confidence has certainly increased. The feedback I received from my group was full of positive energy as well as some constructive points to work on. It has made me incredibly excited to start teaching, and I feel like I’ve finally found my true passion.

Since finishing the Anatomy and Alignment module, we have moved onto Adjustments and it has been such a laugh so far! It’s so interesting learning how to correctly adjust someone in order to help them get deeper into an asana. My knowledge base has certainly improved and I can’t wait to share all my knowledge and experience with others when I head home!


The reason why we did our practical exam today was because it was Holi – the festival of colour – on Friday and everyone at Kranti had the most beautiful time celebrating this wonderful tradition. Everyone was in such high spirits and really getting immersed in the atmosphere. We were all dancing and singing away whilst getting covered in the vibrant colours! There is still a tonne of coloured powder around the shala, with the majority of us still with pinks and reds on our skin and in our hair!

I keep saying this, whether to others here on the 200hr or on previous blog posts, but I truly feel like we’ve known each other all for years. There is such a sense of familiarity between us all and I have never felt more comfortable dancing, laughing and talking with another group of people before. Maybe we all knew each other from past lives.


As I look ahead to the last week – without being too time conscious and worried – we only have four full days left with one another. The course has flown by and as soon as we know it, we’re going to be saying goodbye to one another. There will be so many tears!

I think I’m going to struggle when I get back home and settle back into a normal routine. Life over here has become so natural, especially seeing everyone throughout the day whenever suits. I’m going to miss each and every individual so much but I’m also so grateful for all the time I’ve spent with them. It’s going to be hard to readjust but for now I’m going to completely embrace and immerse myself in this upcoming week. I know it will be a good one.