The first week at Kranti Yoga

It’s Sunday here at Kranti meaning it is a day of rest and recovery before the next week begins. It also means that the first week of the 200hr YTTC is completed! I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by and every now and then I have to remind myself that I’m here – in Kranti, in Goa, in India.

It has been a long time in the making (almost a year) and I couldn’t be happier now that I’m finally here and get the chance to fully immerse myself in the training, whilst learning so much everyday. I am already so excited to share what I have learnt so far, and it is wonderful to finally have some formal teaching. This past week has helped me learn so much about my personal practice, as well as understand what it means to practice Yoga. We’ve had a combination of interesting and intense classes, from transition workshops to Yoga Nidra, to building up our Ashtanga practice in the primary series to learning about the anatomy. It has been a fantastic week and I feel so full of knowledge, love and gratitude!


As well as learning and practicing, I have been amongst such a beautifully diverse range of individuals from all over the world. The teachers come from such a mix of backgrounds and are all such genuine individuals who have such a passion for teaching. The owner of the school – Kranti – is wonderful. He is so knowledgable and has such a way of holding everyones’ attention when leading a class. His presence, whether walking round the shala or teaching a class, is incredibly warming.

The other people who are here on the 200hr and 300hr YTTC are all incredible. I feel so comfortable and at ease over here with everyone. We have all become so close this past week and it has been so fascinating learning about everyone’s back stories and what brought them here to Kranti. I already know that the friendships we have formed the past week will last a lifetime. As well as this, each individual has a wealth of knowledge about different topics that are so interesting to hear and learn about.


The past week has also made me more aware of the importance of engaging in my practice with no ego. Yoga should not be about showing off the depth of an asana, but instead being able to focus on the quality of it. If that means taking a step back, it is far better to do so and listen to your body, rather than pushing it just for the sake of the ego.

I am learning and trying to incorporate this into my daily practice, which is a pretty big step for me. For years I have been so competitive with myself and would get so worked up if I couldn’t do an asana as well as the last time I was on my mat. It made me reluctant to practice regularly and I developed such a negative attitude towards something I enjoyed so much. I am slowly accepting that not every practice is going to be as I would like it and I’ve started to focus more on releasing and replacing that ego with positive energy.

Today has been just what I needed. I feel so rejuvenated and ready to take on this upcoming week after a lovely day off! I’m thrilled to bits to be here and have so much gratitude for this beautiful opportunity.