Embracing 2018 whilst remembering 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope 2018 brings wonderful adventures, true happiness and plenty of unforgettable memories to you all! I have a feeling that this year is going to be a good one and I can’t wait to embrace what journey life has to offer me!


I’m not an avid believer in setting new years resolutions because I always find there is an unhealthy sense of pressure to stick to them. As well as this, I personally feel that resolutions can become stagnant very quickly and I therefore prefer to set myself little goals throughout the course of the year! That way I am able to continuously develop myself in any way that I want with ease and flexibility.

The only ‘goal’ I did end up setting myself in 2017 was to take a video everyday for an app called “1 Second Everyday”. I am honestly so glad that I managed to stick to it because it is amazing how much is forgotten over the course of a year and the short clips are such a great way of looking back onto all the memories. It is pretty incredible how much you can remember of a day from literally seeing a one second clip of it! Hopefully I can continue my visual memory diary for the new year!

I won’t go on about all that I have done or haven’t done last year, so instead I’ll attach my 1 Second Everyday for 2017 below! I hope you enjoy it, and it might even inspire you to do the same!

Thank you to everyone who has made 2017 a memorable year worth recording, I love you all.